Get Involved

Book Donations

Book donations enable Kindlers Society to promote English literacy locally and internationally. Rather than discarding unwanted books, you can donate them to us and we will ship them so that we can enrich and grant the opportunity for others to learn English. To donate, package unwanted books in a 1’ by 1’ U-Haul box and send us an email at our “contact us” page including the genre and quantity of donations.

Start a School Branch

School branches are vital to Kindlers Society’s outreach within local communities. To set up a club, send an email at our “contact us” page that includes a list of schools that you are interested in setting up a club at. This can be the school you currently attend or one you maintain connections with through a student or teacher. Establishment is dependent on your connection to the schools given and our staff will provide further guidance on marketing, organization, and communication.