Secret Shelf 2017 (Fall)

Secret Shelf is an annual event hosted by Kindlers Society at the Vancouver Christmas Market to spread awareness about our organization and the holiday spirit by giving out books. It is an opportunity for you to come out and learn more about what Kindlers Society is, what we do, and the impact we make while receiving a wrapped book with a hint attached about the story to keep it a “secret.”

Youth Benefit Concert 2018 (Spring)

Annually, Kindlers Society hosts what is known as a Youth Benefit Concert, a gathering of like-minded youth from all across the lower mainland in hopes of spreading our message and emphasis on English education. A lovely evening of socializing and connecting whilst enjoying music performed by talented young musicians, this concert is sure to instill a feeling of warmth and hope in all participants, central to our main theme of rekindling hope. Snacks and refreshments will be available.